Official Artwork

The annual National Payroll Week artwork is an important part of each year’s celebration.

About This Year’s Artwork

The official National Payroll Week artwork is an important element of each year’s celebration and is a visual representation of the campaign’s core messages. It is used in various ways to promote the campaign by being featured on merchandise, advertising, and more.

For 2021, you’re invited to help us celebrate the magic of payroll during this year’s “Payroll is Magic” celebration, September 6 – 10. This year’s official artwork design was inspired by vintage magic posters with a unique payroll twist. Paychecks aren’t magically pulled out of a hat – but payroll professionals make it seem that way!

Artwork Permission

The NPW artwork can be used in newsletters, media requests, cake decorations, timecards, and other noncommercial uses. If your print shop requires an official release from the APA to print the artwork, please submit your request in writing, indicating how you plan to use the artwork.


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