Money Matters National Education Day Resources


Complete the short quiz based on the 2019 Money Matters National Education Day "Bring Home the Gold" lesson plan. Every participant who answers all quiz questions correctly will be entered to receive one of three Workday, Inc. Money Matters National Education Day Scholarships. Please see official scholarship entry terms and conditions.

The deadline to enter is September 30, 2019.

Please select the best or most complete answer for each question.

1-What does the Form W-4 tell your employer?

How much income tax to withhold from your paycheck and send to the federal government
The amount of wages paid to you in a calendar year and the taxes withheld from them
Other forms of income you earn outside of your wages with them

2-True or False? The amount you receive in your paycheck, after taxes and deductions have been taken out, is your gross pay.


3-Federal law requires that overtime be paid for all time worked after:

Working more than 8 hours in one day
Working more than 18 hours in one week
Working more than 40 hours per week

4-Which item is a REQUIRED deduction from your paycheck?

Direct deposit

5-Which payment method is considered environmentally friendly?

Direct deposit
Paper paycheck
Both Direct deposit and Paycard

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